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MP3 Sermons (Data CD)
1. Man Of Sorrows - MP3 Format
2. Things Around The Cross - MP3 Format
3. Jesus - MP3 Format
4. Greater Than Solomon - MP3 Format
5. Heaven - MP3 Format
6. I Remember This - MP3 Format
7. Grace of God - Titus 2 - MP3 (Muffled)
8. Fools and Follies - MP3 Format
9. Radio Memorial - Gaining God
10. Payday Someday
11. Seven Last Word From The Cross
12. The Spirit and The Bride Say Come
13. Quit Ye Like Men -
14. Christ Above All
15. Beautify The Teachings Of Jesus
16. The Maker
17. What Have I Done
18. I Love Jesus Because
19. Watch
20. Highway To Havoc
21. Menace To Mediocrity
22. S-I-N (Sin)
23. There They Crucified Him
24. Unthinkable
25. A Place Called Calvary
26. Gold and Brass
27. Four "F's"
28. Now17- Is Hell A Myth?
29. Precious Promises
30. This I Believe About Influence
31. This I Believe About Miracles
32. The Word of God is Not Broken or Bound
33. God Is
34. Christ in Conflict With His Enemies
35. Gold Or Brass
36. A Place Called Calvary

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Robert Greene
(R.G.) Lee began his career on a farm in South Carolina where he was born of poor, but deeply religious parents. Early in life he felt the call to be a preacher; in spite of many obstacles, he heeded that call. Dr. Lee was ordained at his boyhood church in Fort Mill, South Carolina in 1910. He was pastor of Bellevue Baptist Church in Memphis, Tennessee from December, 1927, until April, 1960. Dr. R.G. Lee preached his famous sermon- Pay Day, Someday- over 1200 times all over the world. He passed away in July of 1978 at his home in Memphis.

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