Dr. Bob Jones

Dr. Bob Jones

BOB JONES, SR.1883 - 1968

“The test of your character is what it takes to stop you.”

Robert Reynolds Jones, best known as Dr. Bob Jones, Sr., was born October 30, 1883, the eleventh of twelve children, in Shipperville, Alabama. Converted at age 11, he was a Sunday school superintendent at 12 and ordained to the ministry by a Methodist church at 15. “Dr. Bob” was a Christ-exalting, sin-condemning preacher who first began preaching in the cotton fields, in country churches and in brush arbors. Later he held huge campaigns in American cities large and small and preached around the world. Billy Sunday called him the greatest evangelist of all time, saying, “He has the wit of Sam Jones, the homely philosophy of George Stuart, the eloquence of Sam Small and the spiritual fervency of Dwight L. Moody.” He saw crowds up to 10,000 in his meetings, with many thousands finding Christ in one single campaign. But Dr. Jones was more than an evangelist. As a pioneer in the field of Christian education, he founded Bob Jones University in 1927. Behind every man’s ministry is a philosophy. Dr. Joneses was spelled out in the sentence sermons to his “preacher boys” in chapels at the college. Who in Christian circles has not heard or read some of these: “Duties never conflict!”; “It is a sin to do less than your best.”; “The greatest ability is dependability.”; “It is never right to do wrong in order to get a chance to do right.” “DO RIGHT!” It was the philosophy that motivated his ministry, saturated his sermons and spearheaded his school. His voice was silenced by death January 16, 1968. His influence lives on today, and Christians will for generations to come be challenged, as he said, to “DO RIGHT IF THE STARS FALL!”


 We have also added these MP3 Sermons that are playable by your computer
1.. Better To Trust God
2.. Routine Christianity
3.. The Lord Is My Salvation
4.. The World and The Church
5.. What Is a Christian
6.. Why We Preach The Word
7.. What Are You Mad About, Paul?
8.. Psalm 119
9.. Blessed Are The Undefiled
10. What Is The Gospel
11. Do Right
12. We Faint Not -
13. This Nation Started With God
14. The Proud Have Hid A Snare
15. Four Walls Around A Christian Home
16. The Bible
17. Paths
18. Not Peace But A Sword
19. The Proud And A Snare
20. True Success
21. God First
22. The Voice
23. The Glory Of God
24. Keeping Education In Check
25. Be Strong
26. How Does BJU Carry On?
27. Advice
28. Why Trimmest Thou Thy Way
29. Routine Christianity
30. The Steps of a Man of God
31. The Lord Is My Salvation
32. What is the Gospel?
33. What Is A Christian?
34. Being A Fundamentalist

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Pride Goeth Before Destruction (Manuscript -On Line Download)
The Woman In The Case (Manuscript - On Line Download)

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