Andrew Telford
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Andrew Telford
Here is our main teacher,
you will be blessed as you listen

If anyone has ever taught young Preachers
how to alliterate their Sermons, Andrew Telford is one of the very best.

Audio Messages Recorded
1. Three Homes - Part one & two
2. Hebrews Chap 6
3. A Perfect Church
4. The Chrisitian Part 1 & 2 (Heb 6)
(Second Message)
5. Book of Galatians
6. Books Audited - Judgment Seat
7. Can A Bird Fly Again - (Bad Recording but Audible)
8. Christian Maturity
9. Four Suppers
10. Our Testimony -(Galatians)
11. Life that Counts
12. Man Of Prayer
13. No Coffee Break
14. No Turning Back
15. Nothing Too Hard
16. One Track Mind
17. Only Door of Salvation
18. Our Riches
19. The Love of God
20. Paul's Thorn
21. Psalm 119
22. Rebuilding the Walls
23. Salvation
24. Simple Simon When A Fishing
25. The Believer's Hope
26. When The Going Gets Rough
27. Work of Christ - Victory
28. Tongues
29. The Temple of Holy Spirit

All are in the MP3 format
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The Andrew Telford eBooks

Manuscripts – 

Letters to Roy
1 John
1 & 2 Tim
1 & 2 Thess
Food for the Soul
John 13-17
Life of Peter
85 Single Outlines
Twin Sins
Why No Divorce

Dr. Andrew Telford (1895-1997) was a pastor, teacher, and writer of the Word of God. Many of his books were written at the request of believers who were encouraged by his preaching and desired to have his sermon points in written form. You will be amazed and blessed with this collection.
Recorded in MP3 Format and will not play on a standard CD player

 Andrew Telford
1895 - 1997


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