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Many of these message are from our SermonSharing Ministry that we have run for over 25 years. Many of these sharing Pastors Sermons are complided and are shared. The price is just covering expenses for this Non Profit Ministry, so this is designed to aid the young Pastor
and is not for retail use, or for eBayers.

To further help you in your studies, we are now including hundreds of Sermons by Lehman Strauss, Stephen Olford and many others

All from a Ministry That Is Born In Prayer and Kept By Power
We really look forward to studying the Word of God with you. When Sam Jones entered the ministry his wife told him she had married a lawyer, not a preacher, and would never be a Methodist minister's wife. Sam told her he would preach the Gospel if he had to travel as a grass widower. The night before he left for Conference she was taken violently ill. She had said that if Sam became a preacher she would have to be removed first. It looked as if she were going to be removed. She promised God then and there that if He would save her life she would be the best preacher's wife she knew how to be. She recovered and kept her promise. God mightily used Sam Jones all over America because he was ready to pay the price. --|-

Thanks and May God Bless YOU in CHRIST

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