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E. V. Hill
Preserving His Great Legacy

E. V. Hill

Rev. E. V. Hill was the former Pastor of
Mount Zion Baptist Church in L.A.


E. V. Hill - Sermons in MP3 format

1. Final Outcome
2. The Best Of E. V. Hill
3. Preaching His Wives Funeral -
4. The Best of E. V. Hill - (Excepts of his Preaching on Answered Prayer)
5. God's Answer Is Us -
6. Hog Pen Trail - Preached at the Liberty University, Jerry Falwell.
7. How To Make the Enemy Run - 1993 Promise Keepers Convention
8. In and Out of Depression -(Preached in Alabama at a Southern Baptist Conference with Ed Young)
9. If The Foundations Be Destroyed
10. Letter From Hell -- Preached at a Church of God Convention
11. Options Of Man -
12. Peace In The Family -
13. What To Say When The Devil Talks To You - 1993 Preached at the Moody Founder's Conference in 1993
14. When Talking To The Devil - 1991 Preached at the Second Ebenezer Baptist Church in Detroit, MI. when Pastor Edgar Vann is making historical growth.
15.Glory Of God - Keswick Moody
16. Having Faith In God -
17. Following Jesus - Benefits of being a Christian
18. The Church -
19. What You Have In Jesus - - Keswick
20. What You Have In Jesus - Part 3 - Keswick
21. So Great Salvation

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