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E. V. Hill's Standard Play DVD Sermons

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 DVD One
1. A Savior Worth Having
2. The Hog Pen Trail

 DVD Two
How To Make The Enemy Run


 DVD Three
Preaching for 50 years, Pastoring same Church for 40 years

Genesis 1:1
When Was God At His Best


 DVD Four

Exerts by E. V, Hill
Clip by T. D. Jakes
Exerts by Dave Rover
And more Patriotic statements by others


 DVD Five

Messages on DVD
Preached at Liberty Baptist

. Savior Worth Having - E. V. Hill
2. What Do You Do With The Ghost- Darryl Gilyard
3. When The Thrill Is Gone - Darryl Gilyard




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Evangelist Junior Hill

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All 20 DVDs

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All are recorded on single, individual DVDs
DVD 1- What's Your Excuse
DVD 2- The Sower
DVD 3- The Valley of Baca
DVD 4- The Fallacy of Bigness
DVD 5- How To Stand When You Don't Understand
DVD 6- Going Crazy For Jesus
DVD 7- Grieve Not The Spirit
DVD 8- Worst Thing Happen To You
DVD 9- Lessons From A Flower
DVD 10- Jacob or Paul
DVD 11- The Most Important Message
DVD 12- Broken Hearts
DVD 13- Needed Fishers of Men
DVD 14- Drifting From God
DVD 15- Fallacy of Predictability
DVD 16- First Things Last
DVD 17- Out of Season
DVD 18- In Search of Foolishness
DVD 19- Act of Forgiveness
DVD 20- Steps of a Good Man

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