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C. M. Ward
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Audio Messages by the Icon of the Assemblies of God Preachers
All recorded on an Audio DVD, will play on some DVD players via your TV. Computer produced and playable --- A Great part of Radio Ministry, when Preachers used the Radio in its heyday.

1.    The Last Days of the Church

2.    Frivolity

3.    Abel and Cain

4.    Move of The Spirit

5.    Twenty Four Hours After Jesus Returns

6.    Message from 1953

7.    You Can't Run Away

8.    Give Them Something To Eat

9.    Hindered But Not Defeated

10.After Death The Judgment


12.Prodigal Son's Robe

13.Brazen Altar

14.Born Again - #1

15.Broken Hearts

16.Church Can Not Stand Still

17.Conscience, Me and My House

18.Christmas Message

19.Two Edged Sword

20.Eternal Matters


22.Fig Tree



25.God Never Forgets a Favor or an Insult


27.No Standbys

28.Message Broadcasted on 11/11/1973

29.One Exit For Another Escape

30.Judges 1:15

31.Return of Elijah

32.Salvation Out Of Date?

33.Second Watch and Wit's End

34.Seven Hinges

35.Nov. 11 1981 Morning Service

36.Sunny Side Up

37.The Chase

38.Turn Your Radio On

39.Last Days Of The Church


41.Ye Must Be Born Again - #2

42.Height Of The Apple Tree


44.Message Preached at Willoughby AOG -1982

45.Visitation - 1972

46.Seven Hinges

47.Seven Hinges - Second Message Conclusion

48.Put Shoes On His Feet

49.Seminar with Uncle Henry Morris - (Good Humor for the Pulpit)

50.The Handshake That Shook The World (poor quality, but worth listening

51. Carl Richardson - Struggling

52. Dan Betzer - Prince of Preachers

53. Dan Betzer - Strangers

54. God Is For You

55. Casting Anxiety Upon Jesus

56. Jesus Wants People Nobody Else Wants

57. God Believes In You

58. Healing

59. Israel

60. Mad and Drunk

61. The Three Hills

62. What Time Is It? 

63. Only Believe 1960

64. Why Should I Love Jesus? 1964

65. The Will Of God 1966

66. Countdown 1969

67. But The Greatest of These is Love 1974

68. He's Got The Whole World in His Hand 1974

69. Rule Bruised 1976

70. Victory in the Valley 1976

71. The Perfect Priest 1977

72. Keep On The Sunny Side Up 1978

73. Muse Memorial (Five Messages for the Conference Series)

74. Giants - 1982

75. Good Neighbor - With an interpreter for Italian???

76. The Tabernacle Series - Taught at the old PTL TV Studios -
Complete Sermons - 7 Messages
*The Tabernacle -
*The Meat Offering
*The Fence
*The Incense
*The Brazen Altar
*Questions and Answers

All recorded in MP3 Format by RP Min Inc NFP
EDU Use for young Preachers and Bi-vocational Pastors