Dr. B. B. Caldwell

B.B. Caldwell (1899-1976) was also an evangelist and conference speaker contemporary with Brother Barnard. Caldwell's home was Greenville SC. He had a unique ministry, unlike any other preacher you will hear. But his themes are the old doctrines of grace; his manner very simple; his outlines logical and convincing. Considered by many to be a "prophet born out of time," Brownlow B. Caldwell lived a long and useful life. He was peculiar in many of his mannerisms and often misunderstond — yet we believe he bore faithful witness to the truth of God in a day when anything like "Calvinism" was severely condemned among evangelicals and preached. The sovereignty of God was a theme Caldwell often stressed and enjoyed preaching.

 B. B. Caldwell

1899 - 1976

God blessded this dear Man of God to live a long and useful life. He was peculiar in many of his mannerism and as any true Man of Go he was often misunderstood, yet he never waivered in his stand for the Lord Jesus Christ.

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