Alban Douglas

God's Answers to Man's Questions: 100 Bible Lessons

(With Supplement Including God's Promises to You)

Alban Douglas, now deceased, was formerly a missionary with Overseas Missionary Fellowship. Later he became a professor at Prairie Bible College where he was a wonderful teacher and public speaker. Especially noted for his ability to dramatically tell stories, he was a humble loving man of God. These Bible lessons are sure to touch hearts for the Lord. I have very pleasant memories sitting under the teaching of Mr. Douglas at Prairie Bible Institute in the early 70s.

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Lessons About God the Father
1. The Existence of God
2. The Person of God
3. God Is a Balanced Being
4. The Trinity
5. Names, Fatherhood, and Silence of God
6. The Fear of the Lord

Lessons About God the Son
7. Prophecies and Life of Christ
8. The Virgin Birth of Christ
9A. The Deity of Christ
9B. The Deity of Christ (Arguments against It)
10. The Relationship of the Son to the Father

More Lessons About God the Son
11. The Humanity of Christ
12. The Sinlessness of Christ
13. The Character of Christ
14. The Teachings of Christ
15. The Commands of Christ
16. The Miracles of Christ
17. The Death of Christ
18. The Resurrection of Jesus Christ
19. The Ascension of Christ
20. The Intercessory Work of Christ

More lessons About God the Son
21. The Second Coming of Christ
22. The Results of His Return

Lessons About God the Holy Spirit
23. The Personality of the Holy Spirit
24. The Deity and Names of the Holy Spirit
25. The Work of the Holy Spirit
26. Sins Against the Holy Spirit
27. The Spirit Filled Life
28. The Baptism of the Holy Ghost
29. The Fruit and Gifts of the Spirit
30. Further Teaching About the Holy Spirit

Lessons About the Bible
31. The Inspiration of the Bible
32. The Bible

More Lessons About the Bible
33. Further Studies About the Bible

Lessons About Man and Creation
34. The Creation Story
35. Evolution
36. The Fall of Man
37. Sin
38. Man a Tripartite Being

Lessons About Angels and Satan
39. Angels
40. Satan
41. Demonology

More Lessons About Angels and Satan

42. Satan's Attacks Against Christians

Lessons About Salvation
43. Justification or Regeneration
44. The New Birth
45. Adoption
46. Faith
47. Repentance
48. Forgiveness
49. What Happens When One Believes on the Lord

Lessons on Christian Living
50. Sanctification

More Lessons on Christian Living

51. Assurance of Salvation
52. Confession of Christ
53. Soul Winning
54. Consecration
55. Finding the Lord's Will
56. Prayer
57. The Quiet Time
58. The Victorious Christian Life
59. Separation
60. Backsliding

More Lessons on Christian Living

61. Worship
62. Christian Suffering
63. Baptism
64. Holy Communion
65. Christian Fellowship

Lessons About the Church
66. The Church
67. Despising the Church
68. Church Discipline
69. The Pastor
70. Duties of Elders and Deacons
71. The Layman's Place in the Church
72. Revival

Lessons About Miscellaneous Subjects

73. Love
74. Praise
75. Grace of Giving
76. Divine Healing
77. The Lord's Day
78. Christian Marriage
79. The Christian Home
80. Law and Grace
81. Life
82. Death
83. Resurrection
84. The Bema
85. The Judgments
86. Future Glory and Rewards

More Lessons About Miscellaneous Subjects
87. Heaven
88. Hell
89. Missionary Motives
90. Missionary Challenge
91. Conscience
92. Divorce
93. Fasting

More Lessons About Miscellaneous Subjects
94. Capital Punishment
95. Compromise
96. Abstinence Not Temperance
97. Temptations
98. Planned Parenthood
99. The Offence of the Cross
100. The New Morality, Immorality, and Morality

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