Saved In 1972
Pastored Independent
Baptist Churches since 1975

A Ministry
Born In Prayer
Kept By Power



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Roger & Maxine Pickett
Wed on May
31st 1964

Br. Roger graduated from Jonesville High School in 1958 and spent 4 years in the USAF

Then returned to School in 1973 and earned Liberal Arts degree in 1976 at SCC in Dobson, NC

From there he studied at the Piedmont Bible College and graduated from Liberty Bible College in 1984

Then in 1991 he earned a Bachelors Degree from Anderson Bible College and a Masters in 1992 from the same.
All these were earned as a part time student and maintaining a secular job with a loving and supportive family.

Br. Roger was awarded a Doctorate of Theology from the Immanuel Baptist University On May 1st 1994