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Mistaking Effect for Cause By A. W. Tozer

No matter how sincere they may be, ministers without discernment are sure to err. Their conclusions are inevitably false because their reasoning is mechanical and without inspiration. I hear their error in our pulpits and read it in our religious periodicals; and it all sounds alike: revived churches engage in foreign missions; hence let us plunge into missionary activity and spiritual refreshing is sure to follow. The healthy church wins souls; let us begin to win souls and we will surely be revived.

The early Church enjoyed miracles, so let?s begin to expect mighty signs and wonders and we will soon be like the early Church. We have neglected the ?social implications? of the gospel; let us engage in political activities and charitable endeavors and all will be well again. Miserable counselors these, and physicians of no value. Their advice is not only poor; it is spiritually damaging.

What doctor in his right mind would tell a patient dying of tuberculosis, ?Healthy men play football; go out and play ball and you will regain your health?? Such advice given under such circumstances would reveal only that effect was being mistaken for cause; and that is exactly what is happening these days in religious circles. The effects of revival are being mistaken for the causes of revival. And this to the confusion of everyone concerned and to the effective blocking of the spiritual refreshing for which so many are praying.

   1 Peter Our Walk in the Presence of the Unsaved by A.W. Tozer.mp3
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   1 Peter After Conversion, the Remainder of Your Life Should Be Different by A.W. Tozer.mp3
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   1 Peter As Obedient Children by A.W. Tozer.mp3
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   1 Peter Be Ye All of One Mind by A.W. Tozer.mp3
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   1 Peter Be Ye Holy, For I am Holy by A.W. Tozer.mp3
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   1 Peter Begotten Again unto a Living Hope by A.W. Tozer.mp3
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   1 Peter Casting All Your Cares Upon Him by A.W. Tozer.mp3
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   1 Peter Christ...Foreordained, Manifest by A.W. Tozer.mp3
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   1 Peter Christian's Trial and His Committal by A.W. Tozer.mp3
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   1 Peter False Teaching On Obscure Teaching by A.W. Tozer.mp3
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   1 Peter God's Abundant Mercy by A.W. Tozer.mp3
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   1 Peter Grand Mystery of the Bible Salvation by A.W. Tozer.mp3
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   1 Peter Heart Knowledge Vs. Head Knowledge by A.W. Tozer.mp3
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   1 Peter Humble Yourselves Under the Mighty Hand of God by A.W. Tozer.mp3
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   1 Peter On Fashioning Ourselves as Christians by A.W. Tozer.mp3
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   1 Peter On God's Sheep and Their Needs by A.W. Tozer.mp3
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   1 Peter On Laying Aside Certain Things by A.W. Tozer.mp3
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   1 Peter On Wives and Their Place in Family Life by A.W. Tozer.mp3
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   1 Peter Rejoice...Though Now...Ye Are in Heaviness by A.W. Tozer.mp3
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   1 Peter Seeing Ye Have Purified Your Souls by A.W. Tozer.mp3
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   1 Peter Suffering In God's Will and Out by A.W. Tozer.mp3
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   1 Peter The Appearing of Jesus Christ by A.W. Tozer.mp3
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   1 Peter The Chief Cornerstone and Us Cornerstones by A.W. Tozer.mp3
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   1 Peter The Christians Inheritance by A.W. Tozer.mp3
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   1 Peter The Christians Relation to Government by A.W. Tozer.mp3
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   1 Peter The Defiled World and Our Undefiled Inheritance by.mp3
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   1 Peter The Precious Blood, Our Only Hope by A.W. Tozer.mp3
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   1 Peter Venerate All God's Creation by A.W. Tozer.mp3
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   1 Peter Wherefore, Gird Up Your Minds and be Sober by A.W. Tozer.mp3
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   1 Peter Who is He That Will Harm you by A.W. Tozer.mp3
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   1 Peter Whom Having Not Seen, Ye Love by A.W. Tozer.mp3
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   1 Peter Ye Are A Chosen Generation by A.W. Tozer.mp3
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   1 Peter ` As Strangers Pilgrims, Abstain From Fleshly Lusts by A.W. Tozer.mp3
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  A. W. Tozer 51 Sermons From The Gospel Of John See Below

Addition MP3 Sermons

John - Part 1 God Has Put Everlasting Into Our Souls
John - Part 2 In The Beginning was the Word
John - Part 3 The Beauteous World As Made By Him
John - Part 4 He Came Unto His Own, and His Own Received Him Not
John - Part 5 As Many As Received Him Active Living In God's Family
John - Part 6 John the Baptist, A Man Sent From God
John - Part 7 John the Baptist's Message
John - Part 8 Prepare Ye the Way of the Lord
John - Part 9 The Word Made Flesh The Mystery of It
John - Part 10 Behold the Lamb of God
John - Part 11 Jesus and The Money Changers
John - Part 12 Nicodemus - The Singular Call of God Upon Him
John - Part 13 Nicodemus - The Need for Utter Sincerity Before God
John - Part 14 Ye Must Be Born Again The Once Born and the Twice Born
John - Part 15 Each on of Us Matters to God
John - Part 16 The Personal Application of Christ's Coming Into the World
John - Part 17 Lessons on John the Baptists Humble Ministry
John - Part 18 He That is of the Earth is Earthly Futility of Resting on Men
John - Part 19 The Lord and the Woman at the Well
John - Part 20 The Woman at the Well - A Lesson is Proper Testimony
John - Part 21 The Impotent Man at the Pool of Bethesda
John - Part 22 Commentary on the Nature of the Triune God
John - Part 23 Man's Accountability to God
John - Part 24 The Wonder and Mystery of the Eternal Christ Identifying with Man
John - Part 25 He Departed...Into a Mountain Himself Alone
John - Part 26 Jesus Walking on Water
John - Part 27 The Material Kingdom and the Spiritual Kingdom
John - Part 28 The Basis of True Conversion
John - Part 29 From That Time, Many of His Disciples Went Back - Part 1
John - Part 30 From That Time, Many of His Disciples Went Back - Part 2
John - Part 31 The Unpopularity of Jesus and His Doctrines
John - Part 32 If Any Man Will Do His Will, He Shall Know
John - Part 33 The Result of Rejected Light
John - Part 34 If the Son Shall Make You Free, Ye Shall Be Free Indeed
John - Part 35 The Unpardonable Sin - What it is, and What it is Not
John - Part 36 What is Death - Death says NO and Christ says YES
John - Part 37 The Simple Faith of the Blind Man
John - Part 38 Jesus the Only True Shepherd of the Sheep
John - Part 39 The Relationship between the Shepherd and the Sheep
John - Part 40 The True Shepherd vs. the Hireling
John - Part 41 God and Man - The Duality of Jesus Christ
John - Part 42 Life After Death - The Death and Raising of Lazarus
John - Part 43 Jesus at Supper with Mary, Martha, and Lazarus
John - Part 44 Having Loved His Own, He Loved Them Unto the End
John - Part 45 A Biography of Judas Iscariot, Simons Son
John - Part 46 The Last Supper Jesus' True Humility
John - Part 47 Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled
John - Part 48 A Proper Concept of God
John - Part 49 He That Believeth on Me... Greater Works Than These Shall He Do
John - Part 50 Believing Prayer
John - Part 51 How to Cultivate The Holy Spirit's Presence

Attributes of God Series 1: A Journey into the Heart of God
Attributes of God Series 1: God's Goodness
Attributes of God Series 1: God's Immanence and Immensity
Attributes of God Series 1: God's Omnipresence
Attributes of God Series 1: God's Omnipresence and Immanence
Attributes of God Series 1: The Grace of God
Attributes of God Series 1: the Holiness of God
Attributes of God Series 1: The Justice of God
Attributes of God Series 1: The Mercy of God
Attributes of God Series 1: The Perfection of God

Five Rules for Christian Living – Parts 1 and 2
Five Rules for Holy Living
Five Spiritual Vows
Four Seasons of Life
Four Old People
From the Hands of Esau
Fruit of the Spirit
Gift our Lord Brought to This Earth – Parts 1 & 2
God is Our Refuge and Strength
Godhead of the Eternal Son
God’s Great Promise to His Church
God’s Peculiar People
HE by Himself Purged Our Sins
Hearing is a Divine Art

Volume Two
92 Messages

Messages Recorded MP3 Format
1. Attributes of God - 19 Messages
2. Holy Spirit - 17 Messages
3. In The Way Of Danger - 6 Messages
4. Revelation - 15 Messages
5. Voices of God - 7 Messages

Single Messages
6. Abraham -
7. A Call To Worship
8. Awake
9. Consider Your Ways
10. Definition of Worship
11. Kingdom and Power
12. Redemption
13. Take Heed How You Hear
14. Religious Rut - 2 Messages
15. Accepting Christ - 2 Messages
16. Breaking Fallow Ground
17. Everything Thing In Prayer
18. Choices, Deeds and Consequences
19. Creatures Out Of The Fire
20. God Head Of Eternal Son
21. God Is Our Refuge
22. God Made Man For Worship
23. Great Promise To The Church
24. Hearing A Divine Art
25. He By Himself Purged Our Sin
26. His Immensity - 3 Messages
27. His Infinitude - 3 Messages
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