Mentoring: The pastor and people God uses

Mentoring: The pastor and people God uses

"Except a grain of wheat fall into the ground and die, it abideth alone, but if it die, it bringeth forth much fruit" John 12:24.

Farm rule no. 1
I know nothing about farming except one thing and that is, If you want to pick fruit you have to plant seed. You can have the most fertile field, the richest soul, the best equipment and you can pray over it all day but you wont get a thing but weeds until you plant seeds.

One little seed
That one little seed isn't going to do much until it falls into the ground and dies. Every farmer knows that. BUT, if it dies it will bring forth much fruit.

Ready to die?
O dear people, that is just as true of people and preachers. We, as seed, must fall into the ground and die or we produce nothing. BUT if we are dead to self and sin we will bring forth much fruit.

Dead or alive
Over the years I have read dozens of biographies of greatly used men and women of God. It seems almost every one of them came to a moment of dying to self and seeing their ministry transformed. Satan and society can be a terrible hindrance to our ministry but self is probably the biggest battle most of us have.

Who gets the credit?
It is amazing and wonderful what God can do to and through someone who does not care who gets the credit and glory for what happens. God says, "My glory will I not give to another" Isa. 42:8. If people and pastor are dead to self, they are totally unmoved or untouched by praise of people or the lack thereof.

Let's forget about ourselves
You can be sure this is the way to be used of God. Fall into the ground and die to self. There is a great line in a song, "Let's forget about ourself and magnify the Lord and worship Him." That will get big time results.

Others, that is who we should be concerned about. Multitudes are saying, "No man cared for my soul" Ps. 124:4. Die and live. Die and bear much fruit. Die and bring glory to God. Die and forget about yourself. Die and see others live.

Father, bless your dear pastors and people. Let us die to self so we can bear much fruit for Your glory. In Jesus name

By: Sumner Wemp

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