If Jesus Had Never Been Born…Text: John 1:14–18
Topic: What the world would be like if Jesus had not been born

Illustration: A group of historians wrote a book entitled, If: History Rewritten, which explored what the world would be like if significant historical events had turned out differently. For example: If the Moors had won in Spain, if Lee had won at Gettysburg, etc.
What if Jesus had never been born?
There would be no "God with us."

Illustration: A standard movie plot involves the protagonist searching for a "secret admirer" that has left some indications of his/her affection. Humans have always been searching for God, our "secret admirer," and Christians have found him in the person and life of Jesus Christ.

In the Scriptures, Jesus is known as the Son of David, Son of God, and Son of Man.

Illustration: Max Lucado describes the thoughts and feelings of the Roman centurion who proclaimed Jesus to be the Son of God at the cross. Jesus brought us victory over all our limitations because he faced the same struggles and persevered. There would be no victory. If Jesus had not come, there would be no salvation from our sin.

Isaiah 53
If Jesus had not come, we would be destroyed by Satan.

1 John 3:8
If Jesus had not come, we would not experience eternal life.

Illustration: Winston Churchill's funeral acknowledged the death of his body, but also celebrated the new life of his resurrection into eternity.

If Jesus had not died, evil would win in our world instead of him. Isaiah 9:6

If Christ had not come on Christmas, there would be no hope for today.
Luke 2:10–11; John 1:1–14

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